10 Tips To Save Money On The Road

Travel is so much more than just picking a spot and going there. Check out a list of a few wise tips to help you stretch your money on the road

 Travel is so much more than just picking a spot and going there. For a gratifying adventure, you must learn to consider the significant factors that can affect your travel plans- money, being the foremost. For a cheaper, longer, and a better travel experience, you need to make your money last on the road. Every last penny matters and it is always better to spend money on your planned activities. Here’s a list of a few wise tips to help you stretch your money on the road

10 ways to save money on the road:

  1.  Plan before you take off:   The plan for the journey is just as important as the journey itself. If you’re planning on taking a vacation, plan, plan and, plan. Book your flight and train tickets in advance, work on your hotel reservations, check for cheaper accommodations like hostels. Plan your expenses so that you can manage money well. The goal is to spend on experiences and places to see, not on the logistics of it all.
  2. Learn to be smart with your food: Food is an essential part of the travel experience, so splurge on food. However, hit the local places that offer most authentic food experiences and are easy on the pocket.  If you are taking a short road trip, pack food from home, instead of spending it on a pricey restaurant.
  3. Carry empty water bottles: Plastic water bottles keep piling up and so do the expenses. The simplest way to deal with it is simply by carrying an empty bottle with you at all times. You can always fill your bottle at the airport or any of the hotels you’re staying at. It may not strike you as much, but buying water is a costly affair. Do it for your pocket and for the environment.
  4. Carry beneficial plastic money – Get smart with your credit cards. It is not just about shopping impulsively, credit cards can help you get your next free trip. Get free points, gather miles and more. Travel cards are your best friends when it comes to saving money on the go. The idea is to plan your expenses in a way that your expenses pay you back. Neat, right?
  5. Give solo a break: Solo travel has its charms, but so does group travel. Especially when it comes to budgeting. Simply put, when you split the bill, or book multiple rooms, you stand a chance save up. Plus, having a friend to share your travel musings can only be fun!
  6. Public transportation: Public transportation is cheap. If you’re travelling within the city, try and use public transport. Buses, autos, cabs, metro trains, local trains. Overcome the urge to book a car all to yourself. The fuel, the insurance, parking will put a dent in your budget.
  7. Use the map: Knowing where you have to go will give you heads up and estimation of a cost involved on the road will save plenty of confusion time and plan failures. Multiple detours waste time and fuel. Learn the map, know where the restaurants are for more optimised travel.
  8. Carrying medication and road trip necessities: If you’re going to be on the road, it is advisable to carry medication, even though you may not need it. Having a first aid kit is a sign of a seasoned traveller. New places, unfamiliar terrains are not exactly the places you want to fall sick in.
  9. Don’t munch too much: Snacks are expensive. Of course, an occasional snack is welcome but spending money on snacks to munch on while on the road puts a strain on your budget. Pick one snack for the day and no more.
  10. Seek out free activities: When you travel, you want to see everything, but prioritize. Most times, people miss out on seeing wonderful sights only because they are unaware about them being free. A lot of parks and gardens are open to the public for free. You can check the timings and simply show up.

The idea of travel is to see and experience as much as you can. When you get smart with money, you get smart with all your life choices, not just during travel, you can start saving up, months and years in advance. Start with a small ‘travel’ fund for yourself and make a withdrawal when you’re taking the trip of a lifetime.

Courtesy: tripxoxo.com