How To Frame Your Next Vacation

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Although said by Spiderman, this does hold true in a larger sense as well. Sure holidays are great fun, and are primarily meant for relaxation, However, there is some responsibility involved. The one behind the camera generally faces one of the hardest tasks involved, that being, documenting the entire trip. Holidays are a time when even the least photographically inclined look to get themselves a nice picture or memory, and the it is the cameraman entrusted to help make that a reality. Hence, with so much pressure involved, we’ve decided to make your life easier by compiling few tips, so that you never disappoint behind camera!

  1. Compose creatively and move in close – Although a bold move, the best of pictures result from being creative. For further ideas, the following can be attempted when trying to be creative;
    • Off Centre your main subject (moving your subject away from the centre of the image, however, the subject continues to highlight the image) – Instead of placing your main subject in the centre with a lot of dead space around him/her, off centering the subject, sometimes adds a lot more value. However, this largely works only if you are able to balance the main subject with another taking centre stage in tandem.
    • Moving in close – Irrespective of whether you are off centering your subject or not, moving in close is always a success. For the simple reason that making your subject bigand hard to miss in any picture is always likely to yield positive results.
  2. Take a lot of Photos – Nobody’s perfect, in other words, nobody always takes perfect pictures every time he/she clicks for one. Whether it is someone ‘photo-bombing’, an issue with the lighting, or even someone blinking during the picture, the only way to get the ‘right’ picture for any moment is to click many of them. Never stop clicking, that way increasing your chance getting it right.
  3. Shoot first, ask questions later – We can agree, apart from posed pictures, pictures are largely about capturing the ‘magic spark’. Unfortunately, the ‘spark’ being spoken about here, doesn’t last too long, seconds, sometimes milliseconds. Hence, it’s so important to always be fully prepared, having your camera on hand and batteries fully charged is an absolute must.

    More than this, it’s also important to be assertive with your picture taking. Having the camera at hand is only the first step, actually being ready to press that shutter button at a moment’s notice is another. The skill needed to anticipate those ‘magic moments’ is an important one to develop. Either way, shoot quickly and shoot often, and in no time will your sense of anticipation be where it ought to!

  4. Don’t Use Flash Indoors – The flash can be a lifesaver, no second thoughts about that, sometimes it is the flash that makes the difference between an average and an outstanding picture, however understanding how and when to use it also makes all the difference.

    The light from Flash units, especially from the tiny on-camera flash units commonly found in most of the devices used by us, tend to produce harsh, flat, and cold light. In such circumstances, this is rarely a tool to elevate your image.

    If you are shooting indoors during the day, make your portraits in a manner wherein the subject is broadcasted by some natural lighting, either standing near a window or door, instead of relying on flash.

    If the more common case of shooting indoor at night is experienced, try to generate as much surrounding artificial light as you can. Turn on whatever lamps, bulbs around, this will give a more even feel to the room, as opposed to harsh, flashed – out subjects, as well as other problems such as red eye.

  5. Use Flash Outdoors – The notion that flash has to only be used in the dark is an utterly false one! Even in bright sunlight, forcing your flash to fire, can often be the difference between a so-so snapshot and an eye grabbing masterpiece. Largely due to the reason that the bright flash will fill in the shadows and even out any harsh contrasts.

Hence, the next time you are entrusted with the responsibilities of capturing a family holiday, these few tips should help ease the pressure and ensure you capture the right moments and portraits of everybody around!

Courtesy: tripXOXO