Why We celebrate Engineer’s Day on 15th September every year in India

Image source: Newsflick (Google +)

Engineer’s day is celebrated in India on September 15th of the every year to commemorate the birthday of the legendary civil engineer Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya (popularly known as Sir MV). He was a great scholar & engineer himself!

Sir M Visvesvaraya was internationally recognised for his genius in harnessing rainwater resources in India.

He designed “Automatic Weir Water Floodgates”, was first installed in 1903 at the Khadakwasla Reservoir, Pune.

He also designed “Flood Protection System ” for Hyderabad, giving him celebrity status in India.

He was responsible for the construction of “Krishna Raja Sagara Dam in Mysore as a chief engineer.

He served as a “Dewan” of Mysore State.

He turn-around of the Bhadravati Iron and Steel Works.

Also, setting up of the Mysore Sandalwood Oil Factory and the founding of the Bank of Mysore.

The VTU (one of the biggest technical university in India) named after Sir M Visvesvaraya.

He is the only engineer to receive “Bharat Ratna”. He received this honorary award in 1955.

To remember his remarkable contributions, we (Indians) celebrate Engineer’s Day on his birthday (September 15th of the every year).

Courtesy: Information Collected from Google